Come Wildflowering on Saturday

We are coming up to ‘Wildflower Weekend’ as sponsored by the National Botanic Garden of Wales.  We are marking the day with a walk to discover the wildflowers of the park.  The poster here has the details and all are welcome to join in and have a cuppa after.


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Guelder Rose blooming

The white flowers of the Guelder Rose are out on the swamp side of copse 7.  They like moist soil, and are a type of Vibernum.  Their flowers are lush and pollinated by bees and flies.  They are not rare but nice to see.  The flowers give way to bright red fruit in the autumn, and birds can’t wait.

Guelder rose

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Bright Eyes are shining

Peacock butterflies are best loved because of their distinctive eyespots.  They are one of the cheeriest sights in the park.  They are headstrong and have wild nomadic instincts.  Their larvae munch through stinging nettles and even hops, lupulus; and must be a bitter sweet taste.

Peacock butterfly

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Garden Warbler finds abode

There are Garden Warblers now nesting in the Park.  They are plain with no markings, but have a rhythmic and melodic song.  They come in summer and are more common than Blackcaps, with which they compete for territory.  They spend their winters deep in southern Africa.  Photo: Denis Cachia

Garden Warbler

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Calendar of Events 2019

This is our Calendar of Events for 2019.  There are plenty of exciting and interesting events coming up, and more are planned.  They range from walks, as with the Stride and Ride festival, to Activity days.  There is no need to book, just turn up and take part.

Events 2019

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Bugle herbs flourishing

Bugle is also known as ‘carpenter’s herb’ as it’s supposed to stop bleeding.  Ajuga reptans, the herb can be infused as tea to help with breathing problems.  Used as a nectar source by Fritillary butterflies, Orange-tips and Painted Ladies.  These lush plants grow on the bank of the Angling Pond.  See the Nature notes for May.


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Nature notes for May 2019

Nature notes May 2019

By Casemoth

On the last day of Wales Nature Week, we are publishing Nature Notes for May 2019.  Many changes taking place as birds nest and bees hum.  Nature Notes for May 2019

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